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Game jams

Game development is, by its nature, an activity mostly done in front of a screen. As such it can be easy to think of it as alienating and lonely. That’s why when I found out in 2010 that people came together to make games, it was instant love.

Game jams are not just an occasion to make something fun, something new; they are also a time to come together and be human while making games. At game jams I learned how work quickly, how to brainstorm, how to compromise. I met interesting people, I got inspired, I made friends, maybe even some enemy 🙂 But each and every one of them has been an enriching experience.

Through the years, I took part in many game jams and even organised some. This post gathers them all.

Most of these games were made when I had very little experience. In other cases, things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, and I ended up not making any game at all. As you can perceive from this list and maybe from the intro, I very much prefer in-person jams to online.

The big list


  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – Organising, selecting speakers, and Theme creation
  • Global Game Jam (Copenhagen) – “Tickle Time” – with Toby Van Buynder, Anna Katsouli, Teresina Ho, Camilla Angelbo Hansen



  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – Untitled Lego game – with Tina Skov Olesen
  • coherence Jam Ep. 1 (Malmö) – Mentoring jammers


  • Global Game Jam (Montpellier) – “Timely Repairs” – with Chema Damak, Amel Negra
  • Vive Game Jam (London) – Mentoring other teams
  • Unity pre-GGJ jam (Copenhagen) – Untitled VR game – with André de Miranda Cardoso, Amel Negra, Chema Damak (video)


  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – Mentoring other teams
  • Global Game Jam (Paris) – “Let’s Block a House” – with Constance Bouckaert, Khalid Bouchaara, Benjamin Buzzi, Safwane El Bahi (link, video)
  • Unity pre-GGJ jam (Brighton) – “Torrheim” – with Alice Hinton-Jones


  • Global Game Jam (Rome) – “Br kn Tr nsm ss n” – with Ennio Pirolo, Giovanni Capoccia, Augusto Pace, Valerio Riva, Mauro Ferrante, Laura De Stefani, Monica Neddi, Marco Giannone, Alessio Di Maria, Matteo Vilardo (link)
  • No More Sweden (Malmö) – The venue was SO hot it was impossible to work!


  • Splash Game Jam (on a boat in Norway) – “Cryptex Inc.” – with Fredrik Ludvigsen
  • Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (Tróia) – Helped with 3 games
  • Unity Brighton office game jam #3 (Brighton) – “Tweet Weaver” or “✍️ the 📖” – with Fırtına Özbalıkçı (
  • No More Sweden (Malmö) – “Pong Clone #24,974” – with Andrea Jörgensen
  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – “One Platform Less” – with Andy Touch, Liz Mercuri
  • Unity Brighton office game jam #2 (Brighton) – “Illegal Football” – with Petros Mizamidis (
  • Train Jam (on a train in the USA) – “Downexpected” – with Alan Hazelden
  • GGJ (Prague) – “Splash Clash” – with Jana Kilianová


  • Unity Brighton office game jam (Brighton) – Untitled – with Rene Rudziński
  • GGJ (Rome) – “Forgotten Pin” – with Ennio Pirolo, Valerio Riva, Augusto Pace (link)


  • No More Sweden (Malmö) – “Sloth Dictator – with Gustav Jansson, Radostina Kazakova
  • Nordic Game Jam 2015 (Copenhagen) – How About Some Coffee, Tobii? – with Alex Camilleri, Michelle Westerlaken
  • Ludum Dare 34 (online) – “Control Room” – just me
  • GGJ (Rome) – I was organising, I got ill, and didn’t manage to make a game :’-(


  • Ludum Dare 31 (online) – “Tight Fight” – just me
  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – I couldn’t find a good idea 🙁
  • GGJ (Roma) – Too busy organising, I didn’t even try


  • Indie Speed Run 2013 (Roma) – Red Hot – just me
  • Indie Speed Run (online) – “Into The Fire” – with Nathan Gary, Bill Rasmussen
  • No More Sweden 2013 (Malmö) – Super Milking Galaxy – with Gualtiero Tabacchi, Alberto Venditti
  • Molyjam (Roma) – “Doggie Doggie – just me
  • The Election Games ’13 (online) – Status Quorum – with Irene Iorio
  • Nordic Game Jam 2013 (Copenhagen) – The Chenny – with Mattia Traverso, Alex Camilleri, Danny Calleri
  • GGJ (Roma) – I was organising and I couldn’t finish the game I started :-/


  • No More Sweden (Malmö) – “No More Soccer” – with Luca Salmin
  • Molyjam (online) – “Plug Hunt” – just me
  • Nordic Game Jam / GGJ (Copenhagen) – “Infinite SWAT” – with Jan-Willem Nijman, Rami Ismail, Arvi Teikari (link)
  • Indie Speed Run (online) – “Beach Please” – with Flaminia Grimaldi


  • No More Sweden (Stockholm) – “Viva la Repubblica – with Angelo Yazar
  • Lunarcade Factory (online) – Bledge – just me
  • GGJ 2011 (Verona) – “Clergymen from Inside the Earth vs. the Joy Empire from Hotter Space” – with Pietro Righi Riva, Nicoló Tedeschi, Paolo Tajé, 93 Steps


  • IndieVault Game Jam (online) – Cubed – just me
  • No More Sweden (Skövde) – “Rowtar” – with Niklas Åkerblad
  • Mini Train Jam (on a train in Italy) – “Battery” – with Rosario Milone
  • GGJ (Catania) – “Donkey Hat” – with Giuseppe Navarria, Rosario Milone, Giovanni Famà, Federico Castronuovo

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