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Sloth Dictator

No More Sweden




Another game made at my favourite game jam: No More Sweden! This time with two people I had never worked with, Gustav on the code with me, and Radostina on the graphics. Sloth Dictator is a silly take on the classic button-mashing olympic games.

Setting and Gameplay

The story is that the players are competing in a race that happens to be in a state controlled by a sloth dictator and his sloth generals. As such, sloths being sloths, they want everyone to go… slow.

As one of the four animals, players have to mash a button to get first to the finish line, but at the same time, make sure to stay under a certain speed! If a player is “seen” going too fast (aka is going fast when it’s in one of the spotlight beams), they get penalised and sent back to the beginning of the track.

To add a spin to the game, racers can change lanes. When they do, they can creep up behind an opponent that is ahead, and if they touch them, the player ahead gets pushed forward. If the sloth dictator sees them during the jump, they get penalised.

In other words: run fast, but not too fast, and if anyone is running faster than you, get behind them and push them to go faster, so they get sent to the starting line!

The controls:

  • Whale: A (run) W/S (change lane)
  • Fox: Right (run) Up/S (change lane)
  • Rabbit: L (run) I/K (change lane)
  • Elephant: C (run) F/V (change lane)

Here is a video of a small bit of gameplay. I had to shoot the video on my own and coordinating my brain to control the 4 animals was impossible, so none of them is pushing anyone, but you get the idea:

Here’s a few gameplay shots:

Sloth Dictator can be downloaded from my page.

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