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Splash Clash

Water arena battle game for two

Global Game Jam




Splash Clash is a 2-player brawler on a tiny island, where two pixel characters jump to produce waves and bump each other out. I made it at Global Game Jam 2017 in Prague, together with graphic artist named Jana Kilianová.

This final concept is just one of the many we got during brainstorming: we toyed for a while with the idea of having players produce waves by making a sound in the microphone, but after some experiments we settled for this one – the one that seemed achievable in 48 hours.


As you can see from the gif above, the gameplay is very simple: you take control of one of the two characters, and jump to produce waves to push the other one out of the arena. When they do the same, you need to jump to avoid being pushed. The waves add to each other, so if you time the jump correctly it can become harder to jump on top of them 🙂

Some stills:

Back in the day I wrote a whole blog post on the Unity blog on how I made the game. It’s obviously full of hacks, but somehow still informative!

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