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How about some coffee, Tobii?

Nordic Game Jam




A quirky motion game made in 48 hours during the Nordic Game Jam 2015. The theme of the jam was Obvious, and we made the game about the seemingly obvious task of making breakfast.

I made this game with my friends Alex Camilleri and Michelle Westerlaken, and I was mostly in charge of programming and integration. I wrote about how we ended up working together in this blog post.


You have to interact with kitchen appliances to make yourself breakfast in space, so the usual stuff: turn on the stove, get cheese from the fridge, make coffee… but things go kind of wrong when you discover that the kitchen is actually… well, you can see for yourself by downloading the game from here (Mac-only, sorry!) or watching the video below. Like many of my earlier jam games, this one requires pretty custom hardware: the PlayStation Move and the Tobii eye-tracker.

We got to the final round of Nordic Game Jam (together with another 9 games, out of 120 games!). Here you can see the game being presented (we are the first game, starting around 4:00):

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