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Super Milking Galaxy

Motion-controlled cow milking game for two

No More Sweden




Another silly-titled game, I made SMG with two friends at the game jam No More Sweden in 2013. I provided the code, Gualtiero Tabacchi did the art, and Alberto Venditti worked on the sound, while the design is shared between the three of us.


While the game is for two players, it required 2 more people to wear a harness around their neck, made with bicycle tires, terminating in two dangling PlayStation Move controllers. These two players would basically represent cows, ready to be milked. They would have to just stay there, and wait.

Here’s a (bad) picture of two of those helpers:


The actual players control two octopus-like flying aliens, hovering on a planetoid, with an Xbox controller. They can move about, and they have to hunt down cows, lift them off the planetoid with their beam, and land them on the patches of grass. Here, the cows will graze for a few seconds.

Once they are ready, the octopus aliens can lift the cows again and have to drop them on one of the slug-like aliens running on the surface. If they manage to land one, they can now milk the cows for points, and the physical part of the game begins.

At this point the two Move controllers dangling from the neck of their helpers would flash white, and the human players would have to drop their Xbox controllers and vigorously pull the PS Moves up and down as fast as possible to rack mjölk points.

Whoever got to a certain amount of points first would win.

Due to the physical component, the game really only made sense with the setup we had at the jam.

Here is some gameplay, as seen on the screen:

Luckily I also have some footage from back in 2013, when we presented it at the end of the event. This shows the physical part of the game:

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