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Red Hot

Multi-controller wacky spaceship piloting game

Indie Speed Run




Red Hot is the game I made at the Indie Speed Run 2013 physical venue in Rome. Our location theme was Speed, and the element I got was Oven Mitt, so I had to combine the two somehow.

After a first night of thinking, I came up with the idea for a game based on how clumsy the player is when wearing an oven mitt. As such, I took one from my house and brought it to the venue, and made the game.

Me trying the oven mitt on for the first time

Story and gameplay

Your spaceship exits hyperspace near a small sun. You have to get away, but the dashboard of the ship is red hot! So you have to put your oven mitt on (like, for real), and get some speed to enter hyperspace (scrolling the mouse’s scrollwheel like crazy). In the process, fly the ship to avoid asteroids (using the PlayStation Move) and occasionally wipe the glass from space dust (with the Xbox triggers). If the atmosphere gets too hot, you will have to reboot the system by entering the password (on the keyboard). If you get to 2000 speed before the hull breaks, you will enter hyperspace to safety.

All of this – obviously – while still wearing the oven mitt.

Here’s a small loud video of the game being played during the event, it gives a good idea of how the controls would interact with each other:

Since I was also organising the game jam I had to be very, very fast in developing it, which kind of explains the barebone graphics. Regardless, I really like the fact I managed to make so many different controls work together in a sensible way, integrating them with some physical constraint.

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