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Doggie doggie

Embarassment-driven tiny game





From the vivid imagination of Peter Molydeux. Some context: during 2012/2013, there was this game jam called “What Would Molydeux?“, an event inspired by Peter Molyneux’s wild game design claims. I think for 2013 they used actual Molyneux quotes, and I happened to get this one:

Part of the fun of dogs is they misbehave and can be enormously embarrassing to the owner.

Peter Molyneux

And so I went on and created, in the allotted 48 hours, a tiny game about running around after your dog who is doing embarrassing things. The original description from 2013 (I had to use the Wayback Machine to get it!):

You’re on a stroll with yo dawg, when he suddenly breaks the leash and goes on a journey to bring havoc to town, and embarrassment to you. Everybody is looking at you, you must find him before he does too much damage. Be careful! Whistling and sprinting deplete your energy! For how long can you endure the embarrassment?? CONTROLS: Joypad Stick or WASD to Move – (A) on the joypad or L key to Sprint – (X) on the joypad or K key to Whistle – (B) on the joypad or O key to Restart

Me in 2013


The gameplay was all about: you’re on a stroll, dog breaks the leash and runs away, you need to run after him. Soon it would outpace you, and get out of the screen. At that point you have to use audio proximity to listen to the loud sounds he makes, locate him before the embarrassment indicator in the lower left corner fills up, and put him on a leash again. And repeat.

Unfortunately, very little visual proof is left of this game. In terms of videos, the best I could get was this Vine (yes, Vine still existed at the time!):

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