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Timely Repairs

Global Game Jam




Timely Repairs is a VR game I made with my colleagues Amel Negra and Chema Damak, on a trip to Montpellier for Global Game Jam 2020. We worked on this while providing tech support in Unity for the jammers, so it was quite the feat!

On this one I didn’t touch the code, and instead chose to focus on the graphics and on the portal shader that enables the time-based gameplay.

Gameplay and story

Travel through time and solve puzzles! You are an agent of Timely Repairs inc., a company that pledges to repair even the most complicated machinery. What’s the secret? You have a tool that allows you to see the future and the past. With it, you can see how the machine used to operate, or test how it WILL operate, before you actually turn it on. Armed with this knowledge, you can’t go wrong.

The game is a simple puzzle game where, armed with a magnifying glass that allows you to see the past, you need to find the fuse panel of a piece of machinery and repair it, by inserting the fuses in the correct slots.

Some beauty shots:

The game is present on the Global Game Jam website, where you can download a build and the source. It was made to work with the Oculus (now Meta) Quest.

You can also see a video of the gameplay below. Just be warned: it’s VR with no motion interpolation, so it might result a bit stuttery and induce sickness for some people.

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