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Castle Game Jam Reunion Project

Castle Game Jam 2023




After the Latvian agrarian reforms of the 1920s, the Jaunpils castle complex housed a cattle-breeding experimental station. But in 2023, it hosted Castle Game Jam! Relive the castle with your friends, in your browser, now!

Excuse me?

While at Castle Game Jam 2023 in Jaunpils, Latvia, my friend Ivan and me had the silliest idea: what if we made a nostalgic (and online) walking simulator about the very game jam we’re at? So that jammers can re-experience walking on the castle grounds and relive the feelings – before the jam is even over?

So we did.

Special thanks to the jammers who lent their likeness to the game:

  • Horatiu
  • Robert
  • Sha
  • Maja
  • Hjalte
  • Carl Friedemann

and the special guest: the tour lady.

Also special thanks to Sha for the 3D scan of the castle.


Not really 🙂 You just walk around, and you can do four things: kick the ball, fire the castle’s cannon, talk to the one NPC that is there, and send chat messages to other people online. Controls are inside the game.

Some images:

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