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Pong Clone #24,974

Another Pong clone... or is it?

No More Sweden




A pong clone with a twist, made with my friend Andrea during No More Sweden game jam in 2017. At the time she was teasing me about being a Unity evangelist, so we made a Unity game that tried to look like an Unreal game. Not wanting to focus on the gameplay, we just decided to go for a Pong clone!

From the original page:

The Pong clone you never knew you wanted… now you got it, and you still don’t want it. But it’s here, so just play it!

The objective is to score goals by sending the ball of your colour past the enemy’s ship. Demolish buildings to get new balls to throw at your opponent. The more a ball bounces, the more points it gives you when you score. First to get to 24,974 points wins.

A video of gameplay:

Some stills:

The game is downloadable from its page.

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