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Tiny runner game

Indie development




Although technically a full game, and the first game which I made money on (!), Ticketless was a very tiny game.

I made it in Flash in 2010 as I was working on my indie game UFHO2 to get some quick money, together with my friend Francesco D’Andrea who provided the very fun and enjoyable soundtrack. Everything in the game except the music is mine.

Ticketless is a playful tribute to Canabalt. The ticket inspector is on your heels because you don’t have a valid ticket, so you have to run! Jump, slide under and bump obstacles to avoid getting fined, and see how far can you go to avoid getting a fine… the number of coaches you run through is your score.

There are three levels of difficulty, and in each one you have more types of obstacles, and more controls: Easy – Just jump the luggage with the A key.
Normal – Jump the luggage, and also shove through doors with the S key.
Hard – Inspectors are coming from both sides! Jump, shove, and slide under the inspectors’ legs with D.

A few screens from the game:

The inspector asking for your ticket, before you start to run
The player shoving through a door, about to (hopefully) jump two pieces of luggage
The player gets busted by two inspectors at the same time, double fine!

Like with many games from that era, Ticketless has become impossible to play due to the Flash player being discontinued.

Goodbye, Ticketless.

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