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UFHO2 is a brainy puzzle game that I developed with my company, Tiny Colossus. Despite having made it a while ago now I’m so proud of this project, which was a challenge for me on the technical side as well as a whole adventure of marketing and business development. The game was funded through a Kickstarter campaign in early 2012, initially released on Desura and iOS in April 2014, published on Android later that year, and eventually landed on Steam in 2016 (thanks Steam Greenlight!).

This was the launch trailer:

My role

Being the solo developer on this project, I learned a lot. In addition to writing the whole gameplay code, I also took care of integration and publishing on all the different platforms, including achievements and a simple news feed. The game also featured an AI algorithm, custom-written, which I programmed to be engaging and challenging but not infallible. Multiplayer functionality was also prototyped and working (using the Proton library), but ended up not going in the live version of the game. I also worked on all 3D props, environments, particles and UI; while the characters have been modelled and animated by a contractor. The game was developed in Unity 4.3.

Here’s a few screenshots of the various game locations, and of the main menu:

You can find UFHO2 on Steam and on the Humble Store. It has been removed from mobile stores due to the interruption of developer subscriptions.

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