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About me

At heart, I am a game programmer who worked on some mid-sized games, plenty of game jam games, and tons of little demos. I love to work with gameplay, balancing, tools, and UI. I have a very extensive knowledge of Unity and its tech, thanks to spending almost 6 years as a Developer Advocate at Unity Technologies, reaching out into many areas of the engine and producing educational material for it.

Even though programming is my main craft, my curiosity and my studies have led me to research and experiment a lot with graphics and technical art. You can see a few examples of my shaders and particle effects in this video playlist.

Aspirationally, I want to make great games that leave a mark. I feel like my indie games had good potential in game design terms, but were held back by my lack of expertise in production. Now with renewed experience, I am keen to work with a small to mid-sized team and make something that players will love and remember.

Some games that inspire me and that I wish I had made: ClairvoyanceInto the BreachSplatoonKingdomBad NorthMinitSnipperclipsPikminReturn of the Obra Dinn. If one wanted to summarise: innovative games, smart mechanics, bringing fresh air to established genres.

I like to be a team player and I like to work and interact with others. On the workplace (and in life), I strive to be an inclusive person. This is an important aspect for me, so if you feel weird about it, we are probably not meant to work together!

For the rest, there’s my curriculum vitae (CV).

Stay in touch

If you want to get in touch, you can send me an email at [c dot continisio at gmail dot com]. Or find me on Twitter/X @CiroContns, or even better on Mastodon

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