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My tech talks at Unity

In my years at Unity as a Developer Advocate, I never saw the role just as a marketing function. I strongly believe that the best form of marketing is to show great things that resonate with the audience. And Unity’s audience is developers. Besides, a good Developer Advocate is one that uses the tool everyday, to understand the users and bring back some quality feedback.

As such, I have always put extra effort to explore and dissect topics to a deeper level, and I produced some well-received deep-dives that proved useful for years. Here’s a small selection of my personal highlights.


This one has been very appreciated as a good introduction to Profiling:

In this video I talk about all things lighting and light baking. This one got quite popular, so much that Unity Japan localised it! Such an honour.

This one is about animation rigging:

And then a pretty old one from 2017, but one of my favourites: using Timeline in creative ways!

Blog posts

In addition to video presentations, I’ve also written quite a few blogposts. For a couple of technical ones, check out the ones about understanding resolution in 2D games or about extending Timeline.

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