Ciro Continisio

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Just as much as I like making games, I love to make tools.


Unity Asset Store
If you have downloaded or purchased one of my tools on the Unity’s Asset Store and you need assistance with it, feel free to contact me via email at I’ll reply as quick as I can.

If you are using one of my tools from my Github repositories and have found an issue, I would appreciate if you reported it using the Issue page of the repository itself.

Design principles

When I create a code framework or library, here are my guiding principles:

It is almost impossible to make a generic tool that covers every need without making it very complex to use. You have certainly seen plenty of software that sooner or later reached this point.

Personally, I prefer to stop at around 70% of the way: provide a solid framework to start with, but not make it bloated with features, to retain ease of use.

For this reason, my tools usually don’t look like an omni-comprehensive solution that weights 100MB and costs 100€. They aim to be smaller, easy to pick up and, if you were to need more from them, easy to extend. I have confidence that this way they can become the perfect tool in the hands of a capable programmer, rather than me trying to guess every possible use and make them too big.

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