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[untitled vr game]

Eye-tracking VR puzzle game

Internal Unity jam




I worked on this game as part of a two-day VR game jam with my team at Unity, just before a VR game jam that I was supposed to mentor in London. We got hold of an HTC Vive headset with eye-tracking technology, and so the game design all revolved around that. I made it with my Unity teammates Amel Negra, Chema Damak and André Cardoso. Creation was shared, each one taking turns writing code or assembling the game.


In the game, the player is in front of a small energy cage where a little robot is initially standing still. Upon establishing eye contact and holding it for a few seconds, the player is able to take control of the robot, like as if it was hypnotised. To do so though, they would have to hold constant eye contact. Break the eye contact, and the robot goes back into the initial position.

The game then presents a few puzzles that require the player to manipulate the space around the robot by performing small actions as if looking in a mirror, all while looking at the robot in the eyes. At one point, one of the actions really makes it difficult to keep eye contact, as the player has to turn their head to make the action succeed.

We assembled the game entirely with graphic assets taken from the Unity Asset Store, and only focused on programming and game design. Despite being a simple game, there is some potential in the concept, though the gameplay ended up being a bit wacky. Still, it was less than maybe 20 hours of total work.

After making the game, we produced a short video for the Unity YouTube channel, showing the conception and work in progress on the game:

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